1. Government urged to do more to boost career development opportunities
2. Act now on unemployment
3. Jobless total soars because of ‘dead end’ policies, says Unite
4. Urgent action called from Unison
5. Unemployment rising by 1,300 a day
6. Government must remove employment red tape to get unemployment down
7. CBI comments on latest unemployment data
8. Unemployment hits 8.4 per cent
9. Public sector job losses to add to gloomy employment outlook
10. Unemployment will hit 3 million by 2013 say think tank
11. Mayor urges public sector to use its buying power to boost employment opportunities for Londoners
12. Jobcentre staff threaten strike as unemployment rises
13. Public sector losing jobs 12 times faster than private sector can create them
14. Graduate unemployment drops
15. Unemployment among women to rise say IPPR
16. Nick Clegg launches Youth Contract
17. Grayling: Figures reaffirm our commitment to growth and to getting young people into work
18. Low-paid suffer most from long-term unemployment
19. Uncertainty in economic growth until late 2012 say BCC
20. Communities to suffer, warn Unison
21. Grimsby, Doncaster and Warrington are NEET
22. Londoners confident of future economic prospects but Northerners despair as public sector job cuts bite
23. Unemployment falls once again
24. Halt the cuts or abandon a generation to unemployment
25. Youth unemployment figures show change in government policy necessary
26. Youth joblessness milestone is the true mark of government economic strategy
27. The government must tackle burdensome regulations
28. CBI calls for action on youth jobs after rise in unemployment
29. Youth employment hits a million
30. Strengthen job search requirements on benefit claimants, says think tank
31. Grayling: growth remains the Government’s priority
32. Unemployment figure response from Unison
33. This is a very worrying set of unemployment figures
34. Grayling points to work programme as solution to unemployment rates
35. Unemployed rises
36. Unemployment falls sharply
37. Grayling: increase in unemployment tempered by a reduction in the number of people claiming benefits and growth in private sector jobs
38. Youth unemployment rate hits record high of 20.5%
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