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Transport for London (TfL) and London boroughs today (29 February) published a list of 10 contractors they are considering for four new area-based highways contracts that could save tens of millions of pounds through better working practices

The new contracts will cover both road maintenance and the construction of new schemes, and for the first time, they will have the potential to apply to all roads in London.Each of the four contracts will cover a specific London area and will run for eight years.

Until now highways works have been carried out by a vast range of different contractors.The new contracts have been designed, as part of the Transforming London's Highways Management initiative, to lead to more consistency in the quality of works and materials used, and to minimise disruption by encouraging more efficient practice and coordinated working.

Under the contracts work will be carried out to a common specification, which will allow work to be carried out more economically through sharing resources and using a common set of basic materials.

The winning contractors will also be required to pay the London Living Wage, take on local apprentices and help tackle any skill gaps within local workforces.Contractors or subcontractors will also need to be active members of TfL's Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) and ensure that all vehicles weighing more than 18 tonnes are fitted with side guards, blind-spot warning devices and appropriate rear signage to minimise the risks to vulnerable road users.

Isabel Dedring, the Deputy Mayor for Transport, said: 'Ensuring our roads are running smoothly and fit for every road user, whether cyclists, buses, motorists, or pedestrians, is absolutely vital to the economic wellbeing of this great city.

'These contracts will enable us and the boroughs to further reduce disruption from roadworks, roll out best practice such as HGV cycle safety standards, and save millions each year.'

Currently a third of London's boroughs have signed up to the contracts; they are open to all boroughs to participate.

Dana Skelley, Director of Roads for Surface Transport at TfL, said: 'The Capital's road networks are the arteries and veins that keep the city moving.

'By having highway contracts which can be used by all London boroughs, we can not only deliver greater efficiencies in terms of cost and disruption, but also work together more closely to trial innovation and improve the road network for all.'


Written by Scott Buckler
Wednesday, 29 February 2012 11:11

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