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The Freight Transport Association has put the case for continued investment in key transport infrastructure projects to the government ahead of the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR)

High-tech equipment that screens freight for prohibited radiological material was inspected by the Security Minister, Baroness Neville-Jones, on her first visit to the Port of Tilbury

When the next stage of the “Non-Road Mobile Machinery Directive” (NRMM) comes into force by the end of 2011, rail freight operating companies could be left powerless… literally


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Fresh from securing a commitment from the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) to look into the economic impact of tolls on the Severn Crossing, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) has sought the same action from Westminster to explore the impact...


An industry-led voluntary scheme to record, report and reduce carbon dioxide equivalent emissions from the UK freight sectors, which was founded in January 2010, has now officially launched and already represents the activities of over 37,000 commercial vehicles


The Freight Transport Association, a long-time critic of ever increasing toll prices on the Severn Crossing, is delighted to learn that the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) has taken on board its concerns


Meeting mandatory driver training requirements is a top concern among the Freight Transport Association’s 14,000 members


Local Government Minister Bob Neill has visited the major shipping town of Goole, near Hull, where port businesses have welcomed the decision to waive the repayment of £175 million of unexpected backdated business rates


Those in the freight transportation industry might be interested in news that the number of new industrial orders in the eurozone went up by 0.9 per cent in April 2010 compared with the previous month


Port businesses all across the country have welcomed the good news delivered in the Budget that £175 million of backdated business rates demands will now be cancelled following last month's initial freeze


Rail freight needs should be condition of HS1 sale- say the Rail Freight Group


The Freight Transport Association has welcomed the Budget statement from the Chancellor today and his pledge to ‘support the transport links we need to trade our goods.’ 


Fuel duty levels, road charging and the decoupling of duty paid on diesel for commercial vehicles were issues put squarely on top of the agenda by the Freight Transport Association when it met today with Justine Greening MP, the Economic Secretary


The impact of severe winter weather on the supply chain could be reduced in the light of lessons learned during the last winter spell, according to the Freight Transport Association


Associated British Ports (ABP) has voiced its fears over the looming emergency Budget and Comprehensive Spending Review, saying it could hurt a sector that has already seen coal volumes drastically reduced


Although signs of improvement are being seen in the prospects for the international freight market, economic uncertainty is placing recovery at risk


The Rail Freight Group (RFG) notes with interest that Eurotunnel has today confirmed its takeover of First GBRf


Industry must lead the climate change debate to deliver meaningful and sustainable results. That’s according to the Freight Transport Association’s (FTA) president Stewart Oades


Speed limits for buses and lorries should be harmonised to give the greatest safety benefits for all road users


Britain’s economic recovery will be hamstrung by a hung parliament if it leads to a Government more concerned with electoral reform


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