1. Anti-social behaviour is public's top concern according to poll marking one year until Police Commissioner elections
2. Business deal to boost recycling brokered
3. Commission on dignity in care gets underway
4. Arts Council and LGA announce the Libraries Development Initiative
5. LGA responds to Fire Services College statement
6. Councils to help businesses tackle waste
7. Councils call for scrap metal industry clampdown to protect war memorials
8. Whitehall indecision stalling councils' regeneration plans
9. Council leaders call for action to support millions of veterans who slip through the net
10. Government urged to close car litter lout loophole
11. LGA responds to Taxpayers' Alliance bins survey
12. £13.7 billion wasted on dumped food and drink
13. Fire leaders call for public to look out for wildfire arsonists
14. Councils should take lead on education reform and school funding allocation – LGA
15. 'People are being given too many recycling bins'
16. New national 'address book' to be free to emergency services
17. More local influence will free schools from acres of small print
18. Trade waste recycling collections double
19. Flooding risk for households
20. Salt orders increase as councils prepare for the big freeze
21. £68 million cost of “stealth centralism”
22. LGA closes on win over EU billions
23. LGA victory on EU fines
24. Thousands of street parties for royal wedding, with national breakdown
25. Councils back call for greater involvement in railways
26. Councils cut management costs while protecting services for most vulnerable
27. LGA response to Law Commission report into adult social care
28. £1 million boost for health and wellbeing boards
29. Carbon Reduction - Delivering a Low Carbon Future
30. 12.6 million Whitehall boxes for councils to tick
31. Council leaders request meeting with Health Secretary
32. LG Group launches regulation revolution
33. Eric Pickles to give councillors top pay vote
34. Crackdown on council newspapers is 'unnecessary' and 'anti-localist'
35. Delivering the ' Big Society '
36. Delivering High Quality Care for All - The role of local government
37. Localism could leave councils facing £1bn Eurofines
38. Grant Shapps kickstarts local housebuilding revolution
39. Health leaders call for urgent action on public health shake-up
40. LGA responds to Hutton Review
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