1. New figures show only top 10 per cent will pay more under Labour's plan for tuition fees
2. Shadow Cabinet shuffle announced by Miliband
3. Clarke: Prison with a purpose
4. Osborne relies on 'last resort' of desperate governments says Balls
5. IT Project to be scrapped
6. Government should do more to secure investment in renewable energy and create skilled jobs for the future
7. Dilnot report welcome but David Cameron must show he wants a fairer care system – Healey
8. Denham condemns government on energy price hike
9. Balls to get tough on economy in speech
10. Tory-led Government's immigration policy is now in utter chaos-Cooper
11. Cutting too far and too fast say Labour
12. Borrowing figures underline warnings we have made over the last year - Angela Eagle
13. Tory-led Government's VAT hike has hit like a hammer blow to the automotive industry - Ian Lucas
14. Review of policy to tackle collapse in society
15. Eagle calls for action over Bombardier job losses
16. Commuters set to see rail fares increase four times faster than pay – Maria Eagle
17. The next generation are let down again as "exceptional" tuition fees look set to become the norm-Labour
18. Labour plan to boost apprentice numbers
19. Tory-led Government needs to set out the extent of borrowing power for the Green Investment Bank
20. This is a very worrying set of unemployment figures
21. Enterprise zone proposal falls well short of the action, leadership and urgency needed
22. Labour propose bank bonus tax to prevent another 'lost generation'
23. MP Graham Allen calls for early years intervention
24. Rebekah Brooks resigns from News International in wake of hacking scandal
25. Cameron is undermining the NHS - Ed Miliband
26. These figures show that last year’s recovery has been recklessly choked off by George Osborne’s VAT rise and spending review
27. Local Forces hit hard says Balls
28. It will be a shock for everyone says Cooper
29. LibDem voters switching to Labour
30. Labour and Conservative agree No to AV
31. Labour calls for Budget to put jobs and growth first
32. Health Bill ‘pause’ is a PR stunt - Healey
33. Ed Miliband warns of cost of living 'crisis'
34. Whitehall efficiency drive 'working' says Ian Watmore
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