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The Government has launched the first two National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) partnerships for early stage health research, which will usher in a new era for clinical trials - accelerating the development of innovative treatments from the lab to patients, as well as providing a real boost to the growth of the life science sector

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley today officially launched a set of innovative online tools that can help patients make informed decisions about their healthcare

Legislation to establish the Health Research Authority (HRA), which will provide a new pathway for the regulation and governance of health research, was laid before Parliament today


Other news

The government have announced an acceleration of the dismantling of the National Programme for IT, following the conclusions of a new review by the Cabinet Office’s Major Projects Authority (MPA)


Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, in partnership with Imperial College London, has been given £112million to accelerate the progression of new scientific concepts into diagnoses and better treatments for patients with diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease


The Government today announced a record £800 million funding to boost research and allow the development of ground breaking medicines, treatments and care for patients


A national project to train medical students to respond to the health effects of climate change is being led by the University of East Anglia


A new group set up to tackle the £300 million being lost every year in the NHS due to medicine wastage, at least half of which is avoidable, has been announced by Health Minister Lord Howe today (August 8th)


The Government must invest in gathering more evidence about what measures work to influence population behaviour change, according to a report by the House of Lords Science and Technology Sub-Committee (July 20th)


Responding to the ‘Establishing social enterprises under the Right to Request Programme’ report published today (June 24th) by the NAO, Peter Holbrook, Chief Executive of the Social Enterprise Coalition (SEC), said


The National Audit Office has highlighted risks to value for money associated with the Department of Health’s programme aimed at enabling its staff to take the lead in leaving the NHS – or ‘spinning out’ - to set up health social enterprises. These are independent bodies delivering services, previously provided in-house, under contract to Primary Care Trusts (June 24th)


Early data on the NHS 111 service is published today as part of the Government’s commitment to make urgent care more accessible by introducing a single, easy-to-remember, number (June 17th)


Six new collaborative research and development projects are set to receive nearly £6 million of government funding in the latest stage of a major five-year initiative to ensure that the UK is a world leader in the development of personalised medicine (June 10th)


A new system to tackle variation in how much NHS hospitals pay for products was announced by Health Minister Simon Burns today (June 10th)


Frontline NHS staff and other healthcare professionals who come up with innovative ideas to give better patient care are getting their schemes funded thanks to the Department of Health’s Innovation Challenge Prizes – the first winners of which have been announced today (June 3rd)


The NHS can’t afford to stand still if it is going to cope with the increasing number of people with two or more long term conditions – set to increase dramatically by 252 per cent by 2050


Research into new and improved treatment for patients received a major boost today(Feb 23rd) when the Government announced the launch of a new model agreement between...


A new NHS Confederation report says the over-reliance on treatment delivered through face-to-face contact means the NHS risks being stuck in the technological dark agesRemote control, the patient-practitioner relationship in a digital age says that, while for many of the NHS’ main users – especially the very old – face-to-face will continue to be the most sensible way to provide care, for an ever-growing number it is not. More and more people expect to be able to manage parts of their healthcare remotely using modern communication technologies, as they do with other areas of their life.


A ground-breaking research centre to enable medical techniques employed on the battlefield to be used on NHS patients has opened in Birmingham


Plans to change the way healthcare information is collected, controlled and used will be difficult to achieve within the financial constraints on the NHS, says the BMA


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