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At the international congress for telehealth and telecare, Paul Burstow set out how the appropriate use of telehealth in the NHS can help people to live more independent lives and stay in control of their care.

It would mean patients no longer have to wait at home for the doctor or district nurse to call to check vital signs, they spend less time in NHS waiting rooms and anything that could be serious is picked up before it has a chance to get worse. 

Paul Burstow said

"The widespread adoption of telehealth and telecare as part of an integrated care plan will mean better quality of care and greater independence for people with long-term conditions.

"Delivered from the front line it could save the NHS up to £1.2 billion over five years. This new approach is not about the technology, it is about a revolution in personalised healthcare that can improve the lives of three million people, increase their independence and dignity as well as reduce the time they spend in hospital.

”The UK is one of the world leaders in the way telehealth and telecare can be used.”

The headline findings from the largest randomised control trial of telecare and telehealth in the world are encouraging:

  • A 20 per cent fall in emergency admissions.
  • Fifteen per cent fewer visits to A&E.;
  • Fourteen per cent fewer elective admissions.
  • Fourteen per cent fewer bed days.
  • Eight per cent reduction in tariff costs.

A copy of the speech is available online here:

Source: Department of Health

Written by Matthew Abbott
Wednesday, 07 March 2012 10:10

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