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Diabetes patients are up to four times more likely to have all their essential care checks depending on where they live in England and Wales, new figures reveal.

During national Food Safety Week, The Health Protection Agency (HPA) is reminding everyone to practise good kitchen hygiene to reduce their risk of becoming unwell

Parents are responding to the largest outbreak of measles on Merseyside since 1988 by having their children vaccinated. The latest figures for Liverpool show that 96% of children have had their first dose of MMR vaccine by the age of two and nine children out of 10 have had the second dose by age five. The uptake rates for other PCTs are also at an all-time high.


Other news

The latest reports from the Scottish Government Resilience Room (SGoRR) on the Edinburgh Legionnaires’ disease outbreak show that there are now 39 confirmed cases and 49 suspected cases. This is an increase of two in the total number of confirmed cases and an increase of four suspected cases


A man in his 50s has died as the number of confirmed and suspected cases of Legionnaires' disease in an Edinburgh outbreak continues to rise


Figures released today by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) show new sexually transmitted infection (STI) diagnoses rose by two per cent in England in 2011, with nearly 427,000 new cases, reversing the small decline observed the previous year


Controlling hospital infections such as salmonella and E.coli must be a priority, say experts.While there has been a drop in rates of the superbug MRSA and C. difficile, other infections like E. coli appear to have taken their place, they say


The Health Protection Agency (HPA) welcomes the decision by the Home Office to replace existing airport based screening for TB infection with a pre-entry screening programme


The UK has been experiencing shortages of NHS prescription medicines for four years. These shortages are caused principally by the export of medicines intended for the UK market to other EU countries. This exporting is conducted by speculators and is legal under EU, and therefore UK, law


Hospitals in large cities act as breeding grounds for the superbug MRSA prior to it spreading to smaller hospitals


The campaign to improve hand hygiene in hospitals in England and Wales contributed to a significant fall in the rates of superbug infections, according to a report


New figures from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) on World Malaria Day show that despite a five per cent decrease in malaria infections reported in 2011 (1,677) compared to 2010 (1,761), cases among travellers returning from the Indian-subcontinent increased by 22 per cent, from 274 cases in 2010 to 334 cases in 2011


The number of oral cancer cases diagnosed each year in the UK has risen above 6,000 for the first time, new figures from Cancer Research UK show today


A team of leading Health Protection Agency (HPA) experts have contributed to a World Health Organization (WHO) publication entitled ‘The evolving threat of Antimicrobial Resistance: Options for Action’


Earlier diagnosis of a rare condition and better coordinated care will help improve the quality of life for people with rare diseases and their families, according to the first ever UK plan on rare diseases, published for consultation today by the Department of Health


The Health Protection Agency (HPA) is investigating an outbreak of a strain of Salmonella Newport infection among 30 people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland since the beginning of December 2011


The public will be asked if they think the law should be changed to allow science to move a step forward so a cure could be found for potentially fatal inherited diseases, the Government has announced today


New ambitions have been set for the NHS which build on the progress made on infections last year, Health Minister Simon Burns announced today


One in 20 TB patients are failing to complete the full treatment for their infection because they are lost to follow up, according to new Health Protection Agency (HPA) figures published in its Annual TB Report 2011


People who live in areas where there is a high prevalence of HIV should be offered testing for the infection when they first register with their GP, as recommended by NICE


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