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The first national assessment of how well prepared the UK is for climate change was published by the Adaptation Sub-CommitteeSpeaking to the ASC at the House of Commons, Caroline Spelman emphasised that people must start preparing now for the ‘unavoidable’ impacts of climate change, to protect our economy, infrastructure and way of life.

More than two million cubic metres of water – equivalent to 800 Olympic sized swimming pools – have been saved by UK food and drink manufacturers, it has been announcedThe annual report of The Federation House Commitment (FHC) – a responsibility deal to improve water efficiency within the food and drink industry – says the 42 signatory companies have reduced their water use by 5.6% (2.06 million m3) since 2007.

Members of the public can have their say on how the country’s water supplies are managed in the futureThe Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has today launched an online survey, asking people to give their ideas ahead of the Water White Paper.


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Draft regulations have been published by the Government, paving the way for privately-owned sewers to be transferred to water and sewerage companiesOver 200,000km of private sewers and lateral drains are due to be transferred next year. The following Written Ministerial Statement has been published by Defra:


Environment Minister Richard Benyon will see first-hand how coastal erosion is changing the shape of eastern England’s coastline during a visit to East Anglia


Water meters offer a key part of the solution to Britain’s water crisis yet figures from the water regulator Ofwat show there continues to be a worryingly low take up around the country..


New figures have laid bare concerns over the dramatic increase in the number of 'gardens grabbed' for development in the last 12 years


The most authoritative assessment ever on the state of the UK seas has been published by Defra


Environment Agency officers have stepped up river monitoring to quickly identify pollution incidents, as slow flowing or lower rivers struggle to dilute contaminants


The Environment Agency’s approach to tackling diffuse water pollution, such as run-off from agricultural land and roads, has not, to date, proved value for money, according to a report published today by the National Audit Office


Leading planning and sustainable development charity, the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA), has added its concerns to the water shortages in the North-West of England


The way trees play a vital role to help fight climate change will be unravelled in the Forestry Commission Wales marquee at this year’s Royal Welsh Show


New scientific advice on the status of Europe’s fish stocks shows sign of improvement for North Sea cod, but the iconic species is not out of danger just yet, and WWF is concerned that the poor management of stocks threatens to undermine cod recovery


The Environment Agency will receive an application from United Utilities to increase the amount of water it can remove from lakes and rivers in North West England


Ministers have reviewed the planned Badger Vaccine Deployment Project (BVDP), designed to vaccinate badgers against bovine TB in parts of England, due to start this summer


The Commission for Rural Communities (CRC) says there are promising signs that it is succeeding in its efforts to boost the availability of affordable credit for people in the countryside


Currently it is not against the law to sell timber in the EU that was chopped down illegally in its country of origin. However, the Council of the EU has signalled its approval for legislation that will close this loophole...


Figures from the Met Office have shown how rainfall totals across the UK have been the lowest for over 40 years for the first five months of 2010


Work has started on essential maintenance work to upgrade Tilbury tidal defence barrier


The launch today of the Marine Management Organisation was cited as a turning point for the sustainable use of our seas, and hailed as an example of streamlined government


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