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Government proposals which could allow the withdrawal of water abstraction licences without compensation are extremely concerning, the NFU said today

Europe is not doing enough to protect itself from the threats to water resources in large parts of the continent, says the Lords Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment EU Sub-Committee in its new report, published today

Gavin Shuker MP, Labour’s Shadow Water Minister, commenting on the extension of drought conditions to the South West and Midlands today, said..


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Seventeen counties in South West England and the Midlands have moved into official drought status, after two dry winters have left rivers and ground waters depleted


Gavin Shuker MP, Labour’s Shadow Environment Minister, speaking ahead of the start of the hosepipe ban tomorrow in many parts of the country, said


The Environment Agency has today confirmed that parts of Yorkshire are now officially in drought.The drought conditions apply to catchments of the River Don, the River Rother, the River Hull, and the River Derwent


People, farmers and businesses urged to use less water as river levels fall.Parts of Yorkshire have today moved into official drought status after another dry month has left river levels and underground water supplies depleted


The traditional summer scene of dragonflies skimming over a glistening stream could be a rare sight in parts of England this year as the widespread drought begins to take its toll on the nation’s wildlife


Water companies and farmers, as well as businesses and consumers, must take action now to protect water supplies from a prolonged drought, says a new report from the Environment Agency


Businesses in rural England are to benefit from a new £60 million grant scheme that will turn ambitious business plans into reality, Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman announced today


The government is to stimulate innovation in the UK water industry by funding research and development that will address overseas and UK water security challenges


Two new non-executive directors, Wendy Barnes and Robin Paynter Bryant, have been appointed to the Water Services Regulation Authority (Ofwat) Board.  Both appointments are based on a time commitment of two days per month and receive a remuneration rate of £10,680 per annum


Everyone must find a way to save water to help limit the effects of drought, Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman said today following a major summit. This came on the same day it was announced that the South East is now officially in drought


Ahead of this week’s drought summit, WWF is calling on the Government to turn the talks into actions, by taking a strong leadership role to implement plans to immediately tackle the UK’s serious current drought situation


Yorkshire business and community leaders are helping shape Government action to support rural areas today in the first of a series of Rural Roadshows with Defra ministers


The National Trust has reported a substantial increase in its visitor numbers, and retail and catering sales in December 2011 compared to the previous December, despite a backdrop of challenging economic times and lack of consumer confidence


The average household water and sewerage bill in England and Wales is forecast to increase by 5.7%, or about £20. This takes into account a rate of inflation of 5.2%1, and will mean an average bill of £376 in 2012/13


The UK is due to be hit by wintry showers and hail, possibly with snow in some areas, as cooler weather is predicted


The Wildlife Trusts have expressed disappointment as the first phase of High Speed 2 (HS2) is given the go-ahead by the Transport Secretary, Justine Greening. Serious damage to wildlife and habitats is expected as a result of the route’s construction


An ambitious new landscape-scale conservation project aimed at tailor-managing arable farmland across a large area is being launched at the Oxford Farming Conference


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