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Almost seven months ago Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles called on every council in the country to publish all of their spending data over £500 online in accessible formats by 31 January 2011

Councils have been put on a week's notice to get their books open for public scrutiny, Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles has announced

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles visited Birmingham to listen to local ideas from the business sector about stimulating and sustaining economic growth locally


Other news

The Local Government Association is calling on the Audit Commission to give back the surplus funds it has amassed from charging councils for audit and inspection


New plans to extend the scope of the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) to open up government and other bodies to public scrutiny, were unveiled by the Ministry of Justice today (Jan 7th)


The volume of top-down information demanded by Whitehall is being radically reduced so councils can concentrate on delivering frontline services...


Local public bodies improved their financial reporting since last year and achieved earlier publication of audited accounts, the Audit Commission has found


The Audit Commission is set to save councils, health bodies and other public organisations a total of £24.6 million in rebates, waived inspection charges, and proposed cuts in auditing fees


The outcomes of the annual children’s services assessments of local authorities

Londoners are set to benefit from an unprecedented devolution of power from Whitehall, Communities and Local Secretary Eric Pickles announced today

Eric Pickles today continued his drive for transparency in Government by publishing his department's spending over £500, and called for councils to follow suit in opening up their books


The Royal Mail should bring the universal postal service to an end, a new report suggests


Proposals for a fairer planning fees system have been set-out for consultation.


Large numbers are hunting through council data as their local spending information goes online

Prepare now for the Public Sector Network and its huge potential to support savings through shared infrastructure and services, Socitm report urges local public service leaders

Alarm, the public risk management association, is today appealing to public service organisations to ensure that risk management is central to their drive for efficiency


The benefits service provided by Cheshire East Council is 'fair' with 'promising' prospects for improvement, according to an independent report released today by the Audit Commission


Eight Scottish Councils  have agreed to move forward with sharing services in health and social care, ICT, social transport as well as waste management


Proposals for twenty-four local enterprise partnerships were given the green light by Government today...


Three of the UK's major supermarkets, Tesco, Sainsbury and the Co-operative Group, are among the latest major companies that have signed up to Primary Authority, taking participation by the food retail sector to 73%


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