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David Cameron's plans to replace local council cabinets with directly elected mayors have been rejected by voters in four out of 10 cities holding referendums on the issue

The prime minister had said he wanted a "Boris in every city" - a reference to London mayor Boris Johnson.But it looks like Mr Cameron's enthusiasm is not shared by voters as turnout at the polls has been low.

Housing minister Grant Shapps said no-one was "forcing" mayors on cities.Manchester voted against the proposal by a margin of 53.24% to 46.76%. In Nottingham the margin was bigger at 57.5% to 42.5%. And in Bradford 55.13% of voters opposed the change.

Turnout in Manchester and Nottingham was a low 24%. In Bradford it was slightly higher at 35%.

Source: ©BBC News

Written by Scott Buckler
Friday, 04 May 2012 9:09

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