New technology helps Hospital save money
Written by Scott Buckler   
Wednesday, 17 August 2011 11:16

A whopping 50,000 kg of CO2 gas emissions are expected to be prevented following the installation of state-of-the-art voltage stabilisers at Felixstowe and Newmarket community hospitals


Known as PowerPerfectors, the voltage stabilisers are designed to save money and reduce energy and carbon output by enabling electrical equipment to operate more efficiently. With the average voltage supplied by the national grid being around 242V, yet most electrical equipment designed to operate on 220V, once installed, the PowerPerfector will reduce the incoming voltage, reducing the energy used.

Mark Marshall, head of corporate development & infrastructure for NHS Suffolk said: “The installation of this new technology will pay for itself and then help us save significant sums of money over many years to follow, as well as make an important contribution to the reduction of carbon emissions. It is without a doubt the right thing to do on a number of levels on high usage sites and we will be looking at other opportunities to do more of the same.

“Patients and staff at both hospitals will not notice any difference in how equipment operates – the only difference being that every time a piece of electrical equipment is used, it will be working as efficiently as possible.”

Source: NHS Suffolk

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