Plans unveiled for off-grid housing development
Written by Scott Buckler   
Wednesday, 02 March 2011 11:15

Plans have been revealed for a new housing development in Brighton that will run off-grid, generating its own energy and meeting Level 6 of the Code for Sustainable HomesPortZED is awaiting planning permission and has 67 apartments in six buildings, complete with wind turbines, solar thermal and photovoltaic panels.


In order to encourage healthy competition between residents, a traffic light system will be used to show which building is using the most energy.

Colin Brace of developer BohoGreen told the Guardian that although the buildings would be zero carbon, it also requires residents to change their behaviour to energy efficiency.

"We can't tell people that you only have so much power, and no more," he said. "But there are studies showing that if you give people renewable energy they think, oh good, it's free, and their energy use actually goes up. So an important aspect of the project will be to educate people about their energy use."

However, because of its sustainable features and onsite renewable technologies, the apartments will be on average 22 per cent more expensive than conventional flats, but are expected to be in high demand.

Source: ©EST

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