1. Cash injection to support coalfield communities into the future
2. Communities have a chance to revive their neighbourhoods
3. Swindon’s £350m regeneration project gets the go-ahead
4. Mayor investing £177 million to regenerate capital
5. Powers over regeneration will remain with communities
6. £71 million to end the legacy of England's Ghost Streets
7. Somerset’s regeneration scheme welcomes first residents
8. Major overhaul breathes new life into Piccadilly
9. Communities and Local Government Committee publishes report on regeneration strategy
10. Historic Leeds regeneration site reaches milestone
11. £700m HCA investment makes major contribution to heritage preservation
12. £700m HCA investment makes major contribution to heritage preservation
13. Government on track to provide land for 100,000 new homes
14. Olympics boost East London regeneration
15. More power for communities to bring empty homes back into use
16. £30 million lifeline for families trapped in abandoned streets
17. Swansea boost regeneration in the city
18. Partners to build 1,900 affordable homes in HCA deal
19. Cities to bid for new powers to spark economic growth
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