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The IAEA have received information from the State Office for Nuclear Safety of the Czech Republic that very low levels of iodine-131 have been measured in the atmosphere over the Czech Republic in recent days

NuGen, the UK nuclear company aiming to develop a new nuclear power station in West Cumbria welcomed Copeland Borough Council’s approval of an application to begin site characterisation

A team of nuclear security experts led by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has visited the UK to assess civil nuclear security arrangements. This follows a commitment made in advance of President Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit in April 2010


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Energy Secretary Chris Huhne has presented to Parliament the final report by the Chief Nuclear Inspector, Dr Mike Weightman, into events at the Fukushima power station in March this year. This follows an interim report, published in May


Lieutenant General Sir Philip Trousdell KBE CB has been appointed as Chair of the Civil Nuclear Police Authority for a two year term following a recruitment process regulated by the Office of the Commissioner of Public Appointments


Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne backed new nuclear in his keynote environmental speech at this week’s Liberal Democrat party conference


The Environment Agency is seeking the views of local communities around Bridgwater and Burnham-on-Sea, in Somerset, and parts of South Wales, on applications for environmental permits to operate a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point


Since securing new commercial arrangements for Sellafield MOX Plant (SMP) in April 2010, the NDA has monitored progress to ensure that operations continue to improve and are delivering value for money. A key objective for the NDA is to manage its commercial operations, so as to ensure that the costs of delivering our mission to the UK taxpayer are kept to the minimum. (August 3rd)


Developers of major energy projects in England and Wales will now have greater certainty on how planning applications will be considered after the Energy National Policy Statements were designated (July 20th)


The Government today published the first annual report of its Managing Radioactive Waste Safely Programme. The programme is focused on implementing the long-term geological disposal of our higher activity radioactive waste (June 28th)


FORATOM, the trade association representing the European nuclear industry, published a report detailing its vision of how nuclear energy will contribute significantly to the goal of achieving the low-carbon energy system by 2050 that lies at the heart of the European Commission’s Energy 2020 Strategy (June 16th)


Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne today presented to Parliament the findings of the Chief Nuclear Inspector’s interim report into the events at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan in March this year (May 18th)


The Government risks distorting its planned reform of the electricity market merely to save political face over implicit subsidies for nuclear power, MPs on the Energy and Climate Change Committee warn in a report out today (16th May)

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