local government
1. Communities and Local Government Committee publishes report on regeneration strategy
2. Power shift from Whitehall as Localism Bill becomes law
3. Compact Voice winners announced
4. Minister sets out his vision for Communities First
5. Urban green spaces set to grow
6. Scotland takes vital infrastructure step forward
7. Government Offers Councils Possibility Of Securitisation As An Alternative Funding Mean
8. Future of libraries
9. Prime Minister welcomes independent report on growth opportunities in Liverpool
10. Yorkshire and the Humber has taken the biggest hit from early austerity measures
11. Local electoral arrangements for Broxbourne finalised
12. Localisation of Council Tax Benefit is a risk and ‘an illusion’, say MPs
13. Wiltshire Council hit with £600,000 carbon emissions tax bill
14. Scaling back the waste of the state
15. Capitalisation guidance published to help councils deliver early savings
16. Council plan big cuts
17. Grant Shapps tells councillors: don't let council officers be the backseat drivers
18. Lib Dems suffer big local election losses
19. Pickles says " Let the Bloggers in"
20. Liverpool CC forced to make cuts to services
21. LG Group launches regulation revolution
22. Crackdown on council newspapers is 'unnecessary' and 'anti-localist'
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