infection control
1. Outbreak of Salmonella Newport
2. Northern Ireland Minister announces inquiry into Pseudomonas
3. Hand Hygiene Compliance- Learning from the U.S
4. New Year ambitions to reduce healthcare associated infections
5. Hand Hygiene is Critical to the Reduction of Hospital-Acquired Infections
6. New guidelines for the management of norovirus
7. Hospitals urged to think hard before using antibiotics
8. Designs help combat hospital bugs
9. HPA Study Confirms Cost-Effectiveness of Screening All Intensive Care Patients For MRSA
10. National audit of MRSA screening
11. 300% increase in Hep B prison vaccine helps to drive down infection rates
12. Hospital infections report for Scotland
13. Improved reporting shows wider prevalence of PVL
14. New HPA guidance on tackling emerging antibiotic resistance
15. Weekly influenza report
16. The evidence for silver-containing wound dressings: a topical issue?
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