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The coroner at the 7/7 London bombings inquests has formally ruled that the 52 people who died in the suicide attacks were unlawfully killed (May 6th)

Fire Minister Bob Neill has re-affirmed that the Fire and Rescue Service has been given some protection in the Government's recent spending settlement

The Government has published a consultation on the future of fire and rescue control services in England. This follows the closure of the FireControl project, announced on 20 December 2010Local fire and rescue authorities have a statutory duty to answer emergency calls and mobilise resources. They have continued to fulfil this duty, and be funded to do so, during the lifetime of the project and, consequently, the closure of the project poses no risk to public safety.


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A scheme that allows parents to find out whether people with access to their family are sex offenders will be extended to a further 11 police forces this month


England's 46 fire and rescue authorities must have the necessary plans, vehicles, equipment, training and support to deal with any emergency The big change is that they no longer have military backup as a safety net. The familiar old green goddess fire engines are no longer available.


Installers, designers, maintenance firms and manufacturers of electric gates, are being urged to seriously consider new safety advice issued by the Health and Safety Executive....



The Independent Police Complaints Commission has decided to independently investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of Raoul Moat in the early hours of the morning on 10 July 2010


Theresa May pays tribute to police and emergency services ahead of an update to the House of Commons today


Mayor of London, Boris Johnson and Deputy Mayor for Policing, Kit Malthouse, joined a police operation at Vauxhall Station today to see firsthand how the Met is cracking down on knife crime in the capital


The number of police officers in Scotland is at a record high according to figures released today

The Government believes that more needs to be done to ensure fairness in the justice system. This means introducing more effective sentencing policies

Spending on the police is up by 50 per cent over last decade, a new report claims


Hooligans will be banned from London 2012 football matches north and south of the border, under  new powers

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