1. London City expects passenger boost from Olympics
2. Punctuality of UK flights improves
3. Mayor urges Government to act on aviation
4. Working Together On Fuel - Biofuels Are an Industry Priority
5. Organisations call on ministers to axe air passenger duty rise
6. September Passenger Traffic Rises but Freight Declines
7. EU unveils future plans for airports sector
8. Boeing 787 takes first commercial flight
9. Simplified Interline Settlement is a Reality - Efficiency, financial and environmental savings
10. Mayor warns economy will lose out if hub airport not taken seriously
11. Aviation freight markets drop
12. Air passenger duty to be cut
13. Industry Committed to Emissions Reductions - Europe Should Abandon Misguided ETS Plans
14. Air Passenger Duty - damaging a major growth industry
15. New measures to cut delays at Heathrow
16. Unite and British Airways reach agreement on cabin crew
17. Greener Growth - Views sought on new aviation policy
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