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Agriculture Minister Jim Paice updated Parliament today on the progress of payments to farmers under the Single Payment Scheme

As the world tries to agree on its next steps towards managing climate change in Durban, the NFU is working with others in the industry to ensure that agriculture’s contribution to tackling the problem is recognised

New figures confirm that the UK farming industry is playing a crucial role in stabilising the economy the NFU said today, as it emerged that the industry contributed £7.4billion to the wider economy in 2010, a 5.3 per cent increase year-on-year


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The Rural Payments Agency has said that the public sector strike action planned for Wednesday is likely to affect its services


Farmers and food processors are at risk of being caught between a rock and a hard place as intense downward price pressure from supermarkets coincides with record rises in the cost of farm inputs, the NFU warned today


The Rural Payments Agency has launched a ‘customer charter’, outlining what farmers should expect from the service and what they should do when things go wrong


The NFU has called on the European Commission to find real solutions to the on-going problems with Europe’s EID regulation


The UK scientists behind a £4.7m study to understand the scent signals used by rodents hope their work will play an important role in safeguarding food security


Agriculture Minister Jim Paice updated Parliament today on the progress of payments to farmers under the Single Payment Scheme


Agriculture is still the most dangerous profession in the UK, new figures from the Health and Safety Executive have shown. Statistics for April 2010 to March 2011 included 34 fatal injuries, down one on the five-year average


Farmers with the best track records on environmental protection and animal welfare standards could soon earn the right to operate more freely, Agriculture Minister Jim Paice said today


As the Campaign for the Farmed Environment celebrates its second birthday, new figures have shown that the equivalent of 73,000 football pitches has been put into target measures aimed at recapturing the benefits of set-aside


Children’s understanding and experience of food issues is better than many people think, according to the results of research recently carried out with more than 2,500 school-age youngsters

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