ACPO comment on Police numbers

Published on Thursday, 26 January 2012 11:57
Posted by Scott Buckler

Latest Home Office statistics show that there were 136,261 police officers (full-time equivalent) as of 30 September 2011 in the 43 territorial police forces of England and Wales. This represents a decline of 6,012 when compared with September 2010

ACPO lead for workforce development, Chief Constable Peter Fahy, said:

"In the context of a significant cut in the funding of most police forces, it is not surprising to see a fall in the numbers of officers and staff. This is a very difficult time for most police forces with staff leaving and the challenge of managing redundancy and change programmes. Workforce morale is understandably affected by the pay freeze, proposed increment freeze and increase in pension contributions.

“On the positive side many forces have started recruiting again or will do so in the next financial year although this will not compensate for what will still be a long term reduction in numbers. However, the effectiveness of policing cannot be measured by the number of officers alone but by reductions in crime and increases in public confidence. The service is realistic about the current economic climate but will need to seek new ways of working and new approaches to reducing demand and cost as this loss of experienced staff continues. We will shortly enter the most difficult financial year for policing in living memory but forces have the plans to cope with what will be a most challenging time."


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