Wales examines police cuts in more detail

Published on Thursday, 06 October 2011 16:55
Posted by Scott Buckler

The National Assembly for Wales has taken both written and oral evidence from The Police Federation in respect of the 20% police cuts being imposed in Wales, by the UK Government

Overwhelming evidence was given by the Police Federation Chair for South Wales Police, Gary Bohun who said, “this inquiry is vitally important to get over the messages that the police cuts are wrong.  Neither the police or the public want less policing”

The National Assembly for Wales’ Communities and Local Government Committee has examined :


  • The police funding cuts and to assess how those spending cuts will impact upon frontline policing;
  • A view to the Welsh police forces’ reform programme designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs;
  • and also, The implications for local communities and community safety policy in Wales.

Mr Bohun continued, “there is only one thing you get for less and that is less. We see frontline roles seriously placed in jeopardy.  The safety of the public and our officers will be placed at risk and our evidence outlines these issues”

The Police Federation have submitted written evidence and it points towards also two prior public warnings given to the Home Secretary about forthcoming public disorder; both of which were ignored.  It also advises that there is no ‘fat’ in the system to trim back, only ‘police muscle’.

Mr Bohun concluded by saying, “The UK Government’s current approach to policing has been chaotic, foolish and aggressive. The sheer scale and pace is excessive and greater than any other public sector cuts either in Wales or in England and most certainly contrary to, if not at a complete divergence away from, the advice they have been given by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary. There has been an ad-hoc, piecemeal approach to ‘reforming’ the police service and more worryingly nobody has consulted the public about what they would like from their police service. Indeed the UK Government have not even consulted the Welsh Government on their viewpoint and the ways that policies are being developed (in Wales) to benefit the public. That is itself a sign of negligence and certainly a lack of respect towards a devolved government and indeed even their own political parties in Wales. My advice to the Home Secretary is to pause, reflect and hold proper dialogue for the sake of the police service and that of the safety of the public”.

Source: Police Federation

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