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Published on Tuesday, 04 October 2011 09:50
Posted by Scott Buckler

The Police Federation of England and Wales continues to lobby the Government and remind the Prime Minister and Home Secretary of the risks to public safety if they press ahead with the planned 20% cut to policing

During the August riots over 16,000 officers were on the streets of London to restore peace but if the planned 20% cuts go ahead we will lose over 16,200 police officers from our communities.

The Federation has warned about rising crime and the impact that these cuts will have on public safety. It simply won’t be possible to provide the same level of service or protection to the public if we do not have enough police officers or resources to do so.

In May 2009 we published a report, ‘Crime and the Economy,’ where we warned government that an additional 2,000 police officers would be required over the following three years to maintain the current level of service and we predicted a rise in property crime as the recession deepens.

In January 2011 the respected think-tank Civitas also reported that a reduction in police officer numbers as a result of a 20 per cent cut to policing is highly likely to lead to increased crime and create a more dangerous society.

Both of these reports have been supported by the recent annual crime statistics, which found that burglary statistics have risen nationally by 14 per cent. In some areas this is even higher. More recently the Home Affairs Select Committee released a report, New Landscape of Policing detailing some stark warnings to Government about not only the impacts of the pending cuts but the way they are treating officers during the process. The report highlights the damage to police morale and public perceptions caused by the Government’s approach to reforming the police service.
We take no pleasure in being right with our predictions and seeing the dramatic rise in reported burglaries. We have been calling on the Government for months to listen to us, listen to police officers about the impact of cuts and the increase in criminal behaviour.

Rising crime must serve as a stark warning to government –  it’s not too late to stop, think and urgently reconsider the 20 per cent cut to the police service; otherwise we will see further increases in crime and greater risks to public safety.


Source: Police Federation

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