All take, no give, for police staff" - UNISON response to Winsor recommendations

Published on Friday, 08 April 2011 09:15
Posted by Scott Buckler

UNISON is calling the interim report from Winsor into police pay, “All take, no give”.The UK’s largest union is warning that police staff will be the hardest hit - nearly 4,000 police staff are likely to lose their jobs in the next few months, with predictions that this figure will rise to 16,000 over the next few years


Cuts to police staff will have a huge impact on front line policing and lead to soaring crime rates.

UNISON National Officer for Police Staff, Ben Priestley, said:

The first part of the Winsor Review is all take, no give, for police staff.

“Police staff are already bearing the brunt of the Government’s savage cuts in the police service, freezing their pay and cut terms and conditions will only add insult to injury.

“Whilst Winsor maintains immunity for police officers from compulsory redundancies, police staff are facing a double whammy of enforced job cuts and cuts to their terms and conditions - Tom Winsor offers our members nothing in return.

“The Home Secretary talks in her statement about the need to tackle the deficit and get a good deal from the public sector, but both the public, police staff and their families will be worse off with the Government’s plans.

“Tom Winsor's own Equality Impact Assessment admits that the proposed two year pay freeze will hit woman staff members the hardest. The interim report is unfair, unreasonable and undeliverable.

“We demand that the next stage of the Winsor Report is more progressive and sets out fair pay and conditions for police staff.”


Source: Unison

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