Consultation launched on reform of police leadership

Published on Tuesday, 05 April 2011 14:32
Posted by Scott Buckler

A public consultation on the future of police leadership and training was launched today by Policing Minister Nick Herbert(April 5th)

It follows the publication of a report into leadership and training by Peter Neyroud, former chief executive of the National Police Improvement Agency (NPIA).


Policing Minister Nick Herbert said:

"In challenging times we need strong and focused leadership at every level in the police to ensure all the service makes the best use of all its resources.

"We also need high quality training to ensure the service has the skills needed to fight crime. The government is clear that the service should have the lead role in this, in line with our wider approach to public services and policing.

"I am grateful to Peter Neyroud for producing this report and I would like both the public and the police to give us their views on his recommendations. I will give them careful consideration before final decisions are made."

Peter Neyroud's report considered how the leadership and training of the police could be delivered. The key recommendation of his report is to introduce a new body responsible for leadership and training, owned and led by the service and operating under Royal Charter status.

The public consultation now will run for 12 weeks. Views can be expressed at . The consultation asks:

  • how can arrangements for police leadership and training best support the police in being able crime fighters?
  • who should set and maintain the standards for the police service and how should it be done?
  • how should arrangements for police leadership and training be made accountable and transparent to the public? What role should the public themselves have in influencing how the police do their work?
  • how and by whom do you think police leadership, training and development should be delivered for police officers and staff?
  • how should any training and leadership arrangements be funded? How can this be done in a way that ensures value for money?
  • should a new framework of professional policing qualifications be introduced? How do you think standards for policing and the skills of police officers and staff should be attained, assessed and maintained?

Source: Home Office

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