New national 'address book' to be free to emergency services

Published on Monday, 06 December 2010 12:14
Posted by Scott Buckler


A single 'address book' for England and Wales is to be created and made free to the emergency services for the first time, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles announced this weekend


For years business and essential services have had to pay for the two different national address lists maintained by councils and Ordnance Survey creating a costly and inefficient system.

An agreement has been reached to set up a joint venture between Ordnance Survey and the Local Government Group to create a new single source of address data.

The new National Address Gazetteer will be free to all public services including the emergency services that rely on it to get to people in distress quickly. Essential services currently need both sets of address lists to ensure they have a comprehensive list of addresses available. It is also vital for managing benefits, arranging school buses, refuse collection routes and registering to vote.

Businesses will benefit from now only having to get one license for the addresses instead of two. This information is vital for many private sector businesses, such as utility companies or insurance firms who use address data to respond to incidents and help them fix problems quicker.

Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government said:

    "It's crazy we don't have one single address list in this country. It makes no sense that both the public sector and businesses have to bear the unnecessary expense of licensing two sets of data, especially in these straiten times.

Baroness Margaret Eaton, chairman of the Local Government Association, said:

    "We are delighted to be working with Ordnance Survey to bring together, for the first time, this important information. This landmark agreement will allow councils and other public sector organisations to build a better, more accurate picture of where people live to help them deliver the services people need in a way that they want."

Sir Rob Margetts CBE, Ordnance Survey non-executive chair, commented:

    "I am enthusiastic about the creation of a single national address gazetteer and very confident that it will bring new benefits to all users of address information. Much hard work has gone into creating this joint venture which will supply a definitive source of accurate spatial address data to both the private and public sectors. I would like to thank everyone involved for getting the project this stage.

    "Over the last nine months Ordnance Survey has achieved some major milestones with the launch of OS OpenData in April, the Public Sector Mapping Agreement in August and now the announcement of a single national address gazetteer database. The demand for accurate, accessible, high quality geographic information has never been so high and the products which will be created from the new national address gazetteer database will be another step in meeting the needs of all of our customers."

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