Federation pays tribute to officers shot at routine call out

Published on Wednesday, 19 September 2012 14:16
Posted by Scott Buckler

Greater Manchester Police Federation has pledged to do all they can to support the colleagues family and friends of the two officers shot while attending a routine call

Ian Hanson, chair of the local police federation, spoke about the 'unspeakable evil act' which resulted in PC Fiona Bone, 32 and PC Nicola Hughes, 23, being shot and killed after being called out to a false report of a burglary yesterday.

He spoke of the anger felt by police officers in the force and said the event was 'unprecedented in the history of GMP and the wider police service'.

There were reports of shots fired and a grenade being used at the scene in the area of Hattersley. A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Mr Hanson told Police magazine: "No words can describe the sadness and the anger GMP officers feel. We have no answers as to how anybody could commit such an unspeakable evil act on two decent and committed police officers and, to be frank, I do not think we ever will have.

"What I will say at this stage is every resource of the federation and GMP will be there to support the colleagues, family and friends of these two GMP officers who have given their lives doing the job they loved."

Greater Manchester Police has a book of condolence to feature messages of respect for their family and colleagues.

Peter Fahy, chief constable of the force, called the events a 'dark day for policing' and said that both officers 'exemplified all that is best in British policing, by putting others first to go into dangerous and unknown situations each day, to help people in the worst moments of their lives'.

Messages of condolence can be posted at: http://www.gmp.police.uk/mainsite/cond.htm

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