One year on from the August riots - Yvette Cooper

Published on Monday, 06 August 2012 15:12
Posted by Scott Buckler

Yvette Cooper MP, Labour's Shadow Home Secretary, on the one year anniversary of London riots, said

"One year on from the August riots, we remember those who lost their lives. And we think of the families and small business owners whose homes and livelihoods were damaged or lost. We remember too the determination of people and communities across our cities to stand up against the awful looting and violence, to clean up the damage, and to support the police and emergency services in restoring order.

"Twelve months on, more still needs to be done to learn the lessons and take action to prevent it ever happening again.

"It is very disappointing that the Government has so far failed to set out a proper programme of action and formal response to the Riots, Communities and Victims Panel or the LSE research.

"The Panel made clear action was needed on issues from policing to crime prevention, community resilience to long term unemployment. That means addressing the problems for policing, where frontline officers are now being cut. It needs a serious focus on crime prevention, including targeting known offenders and gangs, building community resilience, working with problem families and addressing community concerns over stop and search. And it must also mean action to bring down long term youth unemployment to offer hope and alternatives for young people who might otherwise get on the wrong track. Promises by the Government to help those businesses and communities that were badly affected to get back on their feet must be honoured too.

"It is tribute to London's resilience, strength and dynamism that twelve months on from the August riots, the city and the entire country have come together to deliver and celebrate a fantastic Olympics and show our wonderful country to the world. As we remember the events of last year, we need to draw on the strength of our cities and our communities, and make sure there is long term action to prevent last August ever being repeated."

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