Midwives paying the price for reckless bankers in proposed pension increases

Published on Friday, 21 October 2011 15:27
Posted by Scott Buckler

Plans to increase NHS pension contributions could make midwife shortages worse and cost the taxpayer more in the long run, says the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) in its response to the government consultation on contribution increases to the NHS Pension Scheme from 2012

In its response the RCM argues that with the future of the NHS pension scheme still under discussion and possible reforms still unknown, that this is an ill-timed and poorly thought through proposal. There are also further increases proposed for the following two years and to significantly reduce benefits and impose a later retirement age from 2015.

Jon Skewes, Director of Employment Relations and Development at the RCM, said: “We are currently in negotiations about NHS pensions and the proposed increase in contributions should be part of that process, not outside of it.

“NHS workers are putting more money into their scheme than they take out. This is why the NHS pension scheme has over £2 billion sitting in it.  This is all about the Government making midwives and other NHS staff pay off the huge deficit caused by some of the reckless elements of the banking sector. To ask public sector workers to pay more for their pensions when the contributions will not go to fund their pension but pay off national debts is not only dishonest but it is actually a tax on public sector workers.

“We would welcome and expect negotiation and discussion, but we will oppose dictats by the Government on NHS pensions.”


Source: RCM

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