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Published on Thursday, 03 March 2011 10:02
Posted by Scott Buckler

Nursing leadership across the NHS is to be enhanced as part of NHS modernisation plans, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley announced today (March 3rd)


The Chief Nursing Officer role will sit on the NHS Commissioning Board and there will also be a Director of Nursing in the Department of Health, with a greater public health focus.
Details of the senior structures for the Department and the Commissioning Board will be published in the spring and, following a recruitment exercise over the summer, it is planned that both individuals will be in post by October. The Chief Nursing Officer, Dame Christine Beasley, has agreed to remain in post on a part-time basis until October 2011 to oversee the transition. She will continue to be supported during this period by the two current Deputy Chief Nursing Officers and Strategic Health Authority nursing directors.

Andrew Lansley said:

“Good nursing care is a central pillar of the NHS and strong nursing leadership must be at the heart of this. These enhanced nursing roles will help us achieve our central principles - putting patients first and transferring responsibility to the front line.
“Chris has continually championed better quality and care. Her ease of manner and depth of knowledge have given her an unrivalled reputation as an accessible and effective nursing leader. I am pleased that she will continue in her role to oversee the transition.”

NHS Chief Executive Sir David Nicholson said:

“Chris has made a significant contribution to leadership within the Department with her hands-on and personable approach. This renewed focus on nursing leadership and her oversight will ensure that nursing staff across the country continue to provide high quality care.”

Dame Christine Beasley said:

“Being Chief Nursing Officer for England has been a great privilege and for the last six years I have strived to constantly improve patient care. The dedication, passion, and innovative approaches of thousands of nurses and midwives have helped achieve this. I am pleased I will continue to be supported by my two senior deputy CNOs in providing leadership and support to the profession until the new post holders are appointed.”

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