NAPC, NHS Alliance and NHS Confederation announce new membership service for CCGs

Published on Thursday, 14 June 2012 09:22
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

The NAPC, NHS Alliance and the NHS Confederation have announced they are working together to establish a new membership service to provide clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) with a single, strong and independent collective voice.

The new service, NHS Clinical Commissioners (NHSCC), will bring CCG leaders together to share their knowledge and experience. It will also support and represent them as they take on their full commissioning responsibilities, and connect them to the wider health and social care leadership community.

NHSCC will provide a range of benefits to its members, including:

  • practical support to enable transformational commissioning at a local level and to foster CCGs' continual improvement and development;
  • collective representation and advocacy to give CCGs a strong and effective voice in national policy making and public debate;
  • opportunities to influence, learn from and develop shared solutions to complex healthcare challenges with colleagues from other CCGs, and across the whole of the healthcare industry.

The new membership service will be designed with and for CCGs. The NHSCC team will be working with CCGs over the coming months to develop a high-quality and affordable membership service that meets their needs and addresses their priorities.

Through membership of NHSCC, clinical commissioners will be able to draw on the combined resources of three of the NHS's most experienced and influential membership bodies. The organisations are working together to establish NHSCC as a platform from which CCGs themselves can create and lead their own independent membership body.

Over the next few weeks all CCGs seeking authorisation will be invited to join NHSCC to access practical support straight away and to help shape the service for the future. Full details of the membership package will be launched by the end of September 2012. Subscription to NHSCC will be offered on a free trial basis up to the end of March 2013.

CCGs that are already members of the NHS Alliance and NAPC or registered with the NHS Confederation will be entitled to automatic membership of NHSCC until March 2013, enabling them to enjoy its benefits straight away.

The three organisations will all continue to provide their own distinct, core services to their existing non-CCG members.

Commenting on the announcement, Dr Charles Alessi, NAPC chair and NHSCC interim chair, said: "These are both exciting and challenging times for primary care. Through this tripartite association, NHSCC is able to provide the voice, the experience and the support to assist CCGs in their journey towards authorisation and beyond to the transformation and modernisation of patient care.

"Through our combined resources, NHSCC will provide CCGs with practical advice, tools and representation to bring about the environment necessary to deliver these challenges. And critically, CCGs will be shaping the future of the NHSCC."

Dr Michael Dixon, chair of the NHS Alliance and interim president, said: "CCGs' journeys are only beginning and we know that there will be many challenges ahead. NHSCC has been created to support, engage and serve as a platform for learning and sharing, where CCGs and their members will not only be able to tap into practical support but also influence and shape the NHS of the future.

"Our work is as much about getting the job done, through authorisation and beyond, as it is about representing CCGs with a strong united front - one which is able to communicate collective views and demand appropriate changes and mechanisms to allow them to fulfil a vision of an NHS that is truly led from the ground up."

Mike Farrar, NHS Confederation chief executive and NHSCC steering group member, said:

"CCG leaders and members face a really tough challenge to get ready ahead of formally establishing in April 2013. But we know they are already looking beyond this and that their priority is getting on with a the real job – finding ways to transform local services, improve quality and value for money and secure the long-term future of the NHS. It will be essential for them to speak clearly and authoritatively on the issues that affect them as the new NHS system takes shape.

"By joining forces and drawing on our collective strengths and expertise, I believe our three organisations can provide a strong platform for CCGs to come together and create this collective voice, as well as helping them connect with the rest of the NHS and wider healthcare care industry. And by pooling our resources, we can offer commissioners the maximum bang for their buck."

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