MPs committee starkly highlights financial pressure on NHS

Published on Tuesday, 24 January 2012 10:10
Posted by Scott Buckler

NHS Confederation chief executive Mike Farrar said the Health Select Committee's latest report on NHS finances starkly highlighted the pressures the NHS is under

NHS Confederation chief executive Mike FarrarThe NHS Confederation urges MPs to take on board the Health Select Committee’s report on NHS finances and to back NHS leaders as they drive changes to services.

Mike Farrar, the NHS Confederation’s chief executive, said:

"This report starkly highlights the weight of financial pressure that is bearing down on the NHS. It shows the uncertainty people are working with and how dangerous it could be for short-termism to dominate the response.

“I would urge all MPs to take on board the findings of their own committee’s report and to back NHS leaders as they seek to drive the necessary changes. It is not always right to lead the protest march. MPs should back change where there is a persuasive case that it will deliver higher quality and sustainable services for patients.

"Anybody who thought the NHS was simply ‘protected’ is sleep walking into some serious difficulties.

“We don’t want to see local NHS leaders making unplanned cuts in response to crises caused by problems that have festered. We need politicians to face the issues and to take the decisions that will allow people to plan properly.

“The NHS faces a once in a generation financial challenge that is still to be explained properly to the public. If we are to keep the NHS sustainable in the long term, we need to fundamentally reorganise the way we deliver care in the best interest of patients.

"More care can be provided in the community while some hospital services will need to close and be provided in larger specialist centres. This can be better for patients, particularly those who make up the vast majority of NHS patients: older people with various long term conditions.

“The overall impact in making these vital changes can be positive for patients. But we will only be able to do this if we can get ahead of the curve and take the public with us.”


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