MPs propose changes to Government's NHS reforms

Published on Tuesday, 05 April 2011 09:17
Posted by Scott Buckler

The Government's plans to reform NHS commissioning need to be significantly changed, warn MPs in a report published today. The MPs propose that representatives of nurses, hospital doctors, public health experts and local communities should all be involved as decision makers alongside GPs in NHS commissioning(April 5th)

They believe it is vital to make these changes to enable the NHS to meet the unprecedented challenge it faces of finding 4% annual efficiency savings over the next four years.


  • Report: Commissioning: Further Issues
  • Health Committee

In their latest review of NHS Commissioning, MPs on the cross-party Commons Health Committee recommend a number of significant changes to the Health and Social Care Bill, currently before Parliament.

The Committee's Chairman, former Health Secretary Stephen Dorrell MP, says:

"We believe it is crucial to get the reform of NHS commissioning right if the service is to confront the massive financial challenge it now faces. Our report contains a set of practical proposals to strengthen the Health and Social Care Bill and make it better able to meet the Government’s objectives.

Our proposals are designed to ensure that NHS Commissioning involves all stakeholders – GPs, certainly, but also nurses, hospital doctors, and representatives of social care and local communities. We believe this broadening of the base for commissioning is vital if we are to achieve the changes that are necessary to allow the NHS deliver properly coordinated healthcare".


Source: Health Committee

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