Circle out of Hinchingbrooke

Published on Friday, 09 January 2015 10:41
Written by Govtoday staff

Circle Holdings are withdrawing from their contract to run Hinchingbrooke Hospital. The contract was initially drawn up under the last government and awarded under the present administration.

The contract was lauded as the saviour of Hinchingbrooke. A hospital that was failing patients and in considerable debt was to be 'turned around' by the private sector. Circle cite the lack of viability of the contract being due to funding cuts of 10.1% in this financial year and major stress on A&E facilities.

Another factor mentioned by Circle is a recent, yet to be published report from the CQC. Some of the findings in this report are disagreed with by Circle. The content of this report will throw more light on this story and the reasons for the closure of the contract may become more apparent.

The reasons Circle have so far given for pulling out are not peculiar to Hinchingbrooke but public sector do not have the option of pulling out when things become difficult.

We await the CQC report with interest.

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