Dr Foster report backs the case for change in NHS

Published on Monday, 28 November 2011 12:18
Posted by Scott Buckler

Responding to the Dr Foster Hospital Guide, NHS Confederation deputy chief executive David Stout said the report's data helped make the case for tough decisions to change how care is offered

Responding to the Dr Foster hospital guide, NHS Confederation Deputy Chief Executive David Stout said:

"This report shows major improvements in our hospitals, sustained over a decade. We have seen a remarkable fall in mortality rates, safer care for patients, fewer infections and falling waiting times. These achievements are a real testament to the NHS and should be celebrated.

"But some really knotty challenges remain.  We see inconsistent care between hospitals and inconsistent quality over the course of a week.  A big part of the answer is to change the way we deliver services, bringing them closer to home where possible and moving them further away when they need to be in order to provide the safest and best possible care.

“This is clearly in the interests of patients if we want to further improve outcomes and get all hospitals up to the standards of the best.  The NHS should not be afraid to make this case for change, and politicians need to get behind the NHS. It’s the least patients deserve."


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