Change4Life and Sportacus tackle our lazy towns

Published on Tuesday, 13 September 2011 11:43
Posted by Scott Buckler

Change4Life is teaming up with super hero Sportacus to inspire children around the country to ditch their junk food and tuck into more ‘Sports Candy’, Public Health Minister Anne Milton announced today

The popular children’s show LazyTown has partnered with Change4Life to encourage young children between the ages of two and five to be more active, eat healthier food and leave their own Lazy Town ways behind.
Eating well and being active can help prevent children developing serious illnesses later in life and new physical activity guidelines show that once a child can walk they should be physically active for at least 180 minutes a day.

To launch the partnership, 3,600 Sure Start Children’s Centres will receive new Change4Life activity packs featuring all the LazyTown stars next week. The packs will contain fun ideas for group activities and parents at home, such as healthy recipe ideas and a sticker wall chart. This will help children track their progress as they become as active and healthy as Sportacus.
New research out today has revealed that Sportacus is the healthiest children’s character on UK television. Although other characters are also very active, such as Tom and Jerry and Scooby Doo, it was Sportacus who took the top spot and sets the best example for children.

Public Health Minister Anne Milton said:
Eating well and being active is crucial, especially at an early age.
“Sportacus is a great role model for children and exactly what we need to get young children and their parents being healthy and being active.”

Creator and star of LazyTown, Magnus Scheving said:
I’m delighted to be working with Change4Life in targeting children aged two to five years old. I believe that the blueprint for becoming a healthy, fit adult is set at this age and it is the reason why campaigns like this are so important.
“It’s encouraging to see the Government reaching out to the under fives where they can make such a positive difference.”

Former Olympic Champion Sally Gunnell said:
As a mum, I know the importance of engaging young children in a fun and creative way.
“I have seen the positive influence athletics can have on children as they grow up so this is a great way of targeting them early on and get more children interested in sport.”

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