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Published on Tuesday, 28 June 2011 12:20
Posted by Scott Buckler

People in England are living longer and fewer people are dying prematurely from heart disease and stroke (June 28th)

The 2011 Local Health Profiles, published by The Public Health Observatories, in partnership with the Department of Health, provide statistics for each local area and indicate how any area is performing against the national average.

Launched at the first day of the Local Government Association (LGA) annual conference, the Health Profiles give up-to-date information on key health issues such as childhood obesity, skin cancer (malignant melanoma), deaths from smoking, hospital stays due to alcohol misuse and early deaths from cancer and heart disease; information which is essential for planning local services for communities.

New indicators for the 2011 profiles include:

•    the number of hospital stays for self-harm: and
•    long-term unemployment.

There is a separate profile for each local authority, providing a snapshot of the current health status of the area, with tailored commentary, charts and a map.

Public Health Minister Anne Milton said:

“Health Profiles give a picture of local people’s health for every area in England. They act as indicators for how local areas need to plan services for residents in the community and where public health challenges lie.
“While some indicators show an improvement in an individual’s health outcomes and health needs, there is more we can do.
“Reducing health inequalities is a Government priority. This means improving access to and outcomes from healthcare in disadvantaged groups as well as addressing the wider social causes of ill health and early death.
“Everyone should have the same opportunity to lead a healthy life.”

Councillor David Rogers, chair of the LGA Health and Wellbeing Board, said:
Good quality health information is essential if councils and health professionals are to tackle some of the serious health problems affecting our communities effectively.
“Deprivation and where you live are still major causes of health inequalities for so many people. That is why today’s launch of the latest 2011 Health Profiles is important.
“Working in partnership at local level, councillors, GPs and public health practitioners will use the profiles to prioritise, plan and improve health services across all communities – and reduce health inequalities.”

Source: DH

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