Government commits funding to maintain vital Cancer Networks

Published on Friday, 20 May 2011 10:55
Posted by Scott Buckler

The Department of Health has committed to funding Cancer Networks in 2012/13, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has announced (May 20th)

The networks provide expertise to help commissioners, providers and patients work together to plan and deliver high quality cancer services.

Speaking at the launch of the Anglia Cancer Network’s Be Clear on Cancer campaign last night, Andrew Lansley also announced that, beyond 2012/13, the NHS Commissioning Board will support strengthened Cancer Networks.

Andrew Lansley said:

"Over the last decade, Cancer Networks and clinical networks in other areas of care have had a crucial role, taking the lead in the development of great advances in treatments, promoting excellence and improving outcomes.

“I am determined that we build more clinical leadership into designing services, bringing together new clinically-led commissioning consortia with colleagues in specialties across medical, nursing and health professions, to design services that meet quality, choice and outcome objectives.

“Clinical networks are a clear example of how this way of working delivers better quality.

"We are listening to the views of clinicians in the field, and will respond by ensuring that, through the reforms, the role of a broad range of clinical networks is centre stage to how clinical services are designed. This will help deliver for other conditions the sense of clarity of purpose established in cancer services.”

The Coalition Government’s cancer strategy - Improving Outcomes: A Strategy for Cancer – was published in January 2011 and committed to funding Cancer Networks in 2011/12.

The Government is currently taking advantage of a natural pause in the passage of the Health and Social Care Bill to listen and reflect, so that it can further improve its plans for a stronger, more personalised NHS. Subject to the outcome of the listening exercise and the passage of legislation, the NHS Commissioning Board will be established as a statutory body in 2012.


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