Service launches five year cost improvement programme

Published on Tuesday, 12 April 2011 14:10
Posted by Scott Buckler

The London Ambulance Service is launching its five year cost improvement programme this week (11 April) to make savings of over £53m


Managers, support staff and frontline crews will all be told of the package of measures – including post reductions – at a series of conferences over the next few weeks.

The Service is introducing a range of efficiency measures to reduce costs and improve services. It also expects to make up to 890 post reductions over the next five years. But with around 300 staff leaving the Service each year, the vast majority of reductions should come from natural wastage.

Chief Executive, Peter Bradley CBE, said:

Unfortunately we are not immune to the financial pressures facing the NHS. This means all areas of our business will face closer scrutiny as we look for ways to make savings while improving the care we give to patients. But with nearly 80 per cent of our budget spent on staff costs it would be impossible to make the savings required without removing posts.”

Of a total workforce of nearly 5,000 staff, the Service expects to reduce the number of frontline posts – those responsible for direct patient care - by 560. A further 330 posts will be removed from management and support services. Compulsory redundancies will be avoided wherever possible.

Peter said: “We are confident that the large majority of posts can be reduced by not filling vacancies. We have an average turnover rate of 7 per cent.

“As part of our planned response we will be introducing a number of measures to control payroll costs, including tighter control of recruitment and reduced use of agency workers.

“We are committed to managing these reductions so that the impact on staff is minimised and at the same time creating an improved and efficient service for patients.”


Source: LAS

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