Local stop smoking initiatives

Published on Wednesday, 13 March 2013 16:19
Written by Vicki Mitchem

Smoking is the UK's biggest single preventable cause of disease and premature death, costing the NHS over £50 million every week.

Local stop smoking services have been proven to be the most effective way for tobacco users to quit, however quantifying the benefits of a scheme at a local level can be a challenge. McNeil Products Ltd recognises the difficulty and has created VISION – a new, innovative cost modelling tool to help calculate the value of local smoking cessation initiatives, showcased for the first time at Public Health 2013, London.

To target smoking as a public health priority requires comprehensive, evidence-based tobacco control measures across multiple stakeholders at a local level.

McNeil Products Ltd, makers of NICORETTE® (nicotine), has worked in collaboration with a team of public health experts and clinical stakeholders, to create VISION (the Value of Investing in Smoking cessation: Impact Outcome, Numbers) that helps demonstrate the potential cost-savings of a smoking cessation service in the medium- to long-term by harnessing local data.

"Changes to the Public Health system and the NHS mean we need to think smarter about allocating public health resources. Smoking cessation is a key means of preventing ill health, that's why VISION is an invaluable tool to help us get this right in our own communities," said Russ Moody, Senior Public Health Manager, Public Health Plymouth.

VISION is a detailed, evidence-based, cost model tool that provides real life, local data on the healthcare, social services and local authority cost burden of smoking, allowing local public health experts to calculate the value of smoking cessation interventions. Utilising the
most recent smoking cessation data allows stakeholders to determine the cost-savings benefits within their community.

Using VISION, the cost burden for smoking can be calculated across the total smoking population or for specific age groups. The cost savings for different smoking cessation interventions, such as a nicotine replacement therapy plus one-to-one support, can also be quantified. VISION offers the flexibility of defining numerous scenarios, which can be compared side by side, to determine which combination of commonly used interventions demonstrate the best value.

Emma Croghan, Director, Public Health and Lifestyle Services, North 51 Ltd said: "With the help of tools such as VISION we can now generate the information we need, as commissioners and as providers to inform and validate local decision-making. This will help plan, commission, deliver and evaluate evidence-based and tailored smoking cessation services that will make a real difference to both public health and the public purse."

Source: McNeil

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