Young employees' eating habits investigated by research

Published on Monday, 18 February 2013 11:52
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

 A quarter of people who took part in this study said they regularly ate breakfast cereal instead of a full meal.

According to Harbour Salmon Co. Infusions stats, some 80 per cent of the sample said they'd attempt to do a greater amount of cooking using fresh ingredients if they got back home in the evenings in time to do this.

A majority of the sample said there are times when it's so late when they arrive home that they do not want a full-on meal and opt for a snack.

Some 60 per cent felt that it was too costly to create a meal from scratch each night of the week. Because of this, 40 per cent had as many as three microwave meals each week.

Harbour Salmon Co. Infusions' Geoff Cormack explained: "Young professionals who are totally committed to work – and who don't have a family to go home to – are likely to view food as something to keep them going rather than an enjoyable part of the day."

"The study indicates that workers are too busy, too stressed and too side-tracked to give a decent amount of time or thought to what they will eat for their evening meal."

Stats recently showed that office workers gain, on average 11lbs during their first year of this work.

Source: CMI

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