NHS Confederation reminds 'Fall over Friday' revellers to think about their drink

Published on Friday, 21 December 2012 12:26
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

Jo Webber urges a responsible approach to drinking over the festive period in order to ease pressure on NHS services.

As hospitals and ambulance services across the country ready themselves for what some call 'Fall over Friday' – the Friday before Christmas, commonly assumed to be the biggest party night of the year – Jo Webber, NHS Confederation interim director of policy and director of the organisation' Ambulance Service Network, said:

"The annual UK expenditure on alcohol is more than £42 billion. And on the Friday before Christmas, it can seem like some people consume a whole month's 'rations' in one evening.

"Over indulgence on alcohol hurts more than just heads and wallets. In the past decade, hospital admissions due to the effects of alcohol have risen by 110 per cent to over 250,000 a year, and the annual cost of alcohol misuse is more than £2.7 billion and growing.

"So if you've got an office party this Friday, or you're planning drinks with friends, please think and drink responsibly. The pressure put on the doctors, nurses and paramedics who will be on hand to pick up the pieces can divert resources from life-saving care. A glass of water after every couple of drinks will ease the pain on your body as well as the pressure on our services."

Source: ©NHS Confederation

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