Government must heed overwhelming evidence on active travel

Published on Wednesday, 18 July 2012 11:13
Posted by Scott Buckler

Reacting to a series of reports in this week's Lancet highlighting the health issues caused by an inactive lifestyle, charity Sustrans has said that failure to act now will lead to an increasingly unaffordable burden on the taxpayer in years to come

Sustrans Chief Executive, Malcolm Shepherd, commented, "These academic reports in the Lancet back up the recommendations we heard from the British Medical Association last week: physical inactivity puts lives at risk and is costing the NHS hundreds of millions every year. The whole health sector is saying it.

"Simply walking or cycling for some of our everyday journeys is one of the easiest and among the most effective ways to stay healthy, and will help to bring down the costs to our health service.

"We need all government departments to recognise this volume of evidence and encourage more physical activity, through major investment in our transport system."

Source: ©Sustrans

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