NHS 111 timeframe too tight to ensure consistent service

Published on Friday, 17 February 2012 10:52
Posted by Scott Buckler

Responding to calls from the British Medical Association, Ambulance Service Network director Jo Webber agreed that it would be better to wait for the results of the pilot before rolling out NHS 111

Ambulance Service Network director Jo Webber said:

"Ambulance services agree with the British Medical Association that the roll out of NHS111 across the country should only take place once the pilot schemes have been evaluated properly.

"The timeframes for putting NHS 111 in place are currently just too tight to be sure it will work in a consistent way across the country.

"NHS 111 has massive potential to improve care for patients as it can put them in touch with the most appropriate service quickly. But it will only realise this potential if providers of services and those who commission them come together in a co-ordinated and strategic way to make it work.

"A headlong rush to implementation will not necessarily benefit patients. It is vital to have buy-in first from clinical staff and future clinical commissioners.

"This takes time to develop and the initial results from the pilots suggest that NHS111 is really delivering where strong working relationships have been in place for some time."


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