LGA response to Law Commission report into adult social care

Published on Wednesday, 11 May 2011 15:46
Posted by Scott Buckler

Responding to the Law Commission’s report into the provision of adult social care, Cllr David Rogers, LGA Community Wellbeing Board Chairman, said (May 11th)

Today’s report signals a much-needed move toward simplifying the confusing mix of laws which currently govern adult social care. It is clear that the current patchwork of legislation and guidance must be replaced with a clear legal basis for the gathering and sharing of people’s information between service providers to ensure more efficient assessment of need and service delivery."

“We have consistently argued for the adoption of an approach to adult wellbeing which puts more faith in individuals to decide what support they need. This report takes us closer to that objective. Hopefully the work of the Dilnot Commission on the funding of care and support for adults, which will be released in July, will take us even further. The ultimate aim is for local authorities, the NHS and other service providers to link up more effectively to ensure people receive the support they need at the optimum cost.

“It is vitally important in the context of cuts to council budgets and increasing demand for services that reform of adult social care does not lead to increased administration costs. The Law Commission indicated from the outset that their proposals will be resource-neutral. We will be working as this report is translated into legislation to ensure that is the case.”

Source: LGA

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