Psychological impact of falls devastating for older people

Falls can have huge impact on elderly
Published on Wednesday, 31 October 2012 07:28
Posted by Scott Buckler

Fear of falling means 225,000 people aged over 75 won't leave the house by themselves, according to new WRVS research

A report released today reveals how common falls are among the older people - 35 per cent have fallen in the last two years with 32 per cent of those living alone suffering a fall in the last year.

The impact often goes beyond the physical. Over one fifth (21%) of older people who had suffered a fall in the last five years have lost their confidence as a result, with 10% saying they are now less independent.

And this lack of confidence is often exacerbated during the winter months as the majority of older people (52 per cent) say they feel much more vulnerable to falling in winter.

The report highlights the devastating impact falls can have on the mental wellbeing of older people and how lack of confidence, as a result of falling or worrying about falling can lead to isolation and loneliness. Despite this, 38 per cent did not inform their doctor about their fall.

On the release of the report, WRVS is calling for older people worried about having a fall to contact the charity, which provides support services through its army of 40,000 volunteers.

Source: ©WRVS

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