No excuse for treating the vulnerable without dignity and basics of care

Published on Thursday, 16 February 2012 10:59
Posted by Scott Buckler

Mental Health Network director Steve Shrubb said the latest Death by Indifference report from Mencap was saddening and more must be done to help people with learning disabilities

NHS Confederation Mental Health Network director Steve Shrubb said:

"This is a deeply saddening report and there is no excuse for caring for vulnerable people without the dignity they deserve. The NHS has made progress in this area but there is absolutely no doubt there is still much more to be done in caring for people with learning disabilities.

"The solution lies in the NHS taking responsibility when problems occur and taking steps to rectify the situation. The report includes a number of recommendations to increase the auditing and oversight of services.

"This is important but so is creating the right working cultures and collaborations so that, for example, health and social care work together and people can be offered the most appropriate care in the right environments.

"The most appropriate environment even for people with the most complex health issues is usually based in their own homes, supported by friends, carers and family.

"Where there is no option but to support people in places that are not their homes then the principles of person centred care must still apply."


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