Weir calls for Scots MPs to back de-carb target

Published on Monday, 03 June 2013 11:56
Posted by Vicki Mitchem

SNP Westminster Energy spokesperson Mike Weir MP has called on all Scottish MPs to back a key amendment to the UK's Energy Bill which will be voted on at Westminster tomorrow.

If passed the amendment to the Bill would see the whole of the UK follow Scotland's example and set a target to de-carbonise electricity by 2030  - instead of waiting until after the 2016 General Election before considering setting a target - as the UK Government propose.

With campaign groups reporting that the vote will be close, Mr Weir is calling on all Scottish MPs - including Scotland's 11 Liberal Democrat MPs - to back the amendment which can help bring jobs and investment to Scotland.

Mr Weir is calling on Scottish MPs of all parties to vote the correct way to set the decarbonisation target early - not wait to post 2016.

Speaking ahead of the debate, Mr Weir MP said:

"It's clear that this key vote is getting a bit close for comfort for the Con-Dem coalition government as backbenchers realise the importance of setting an early UK decarbonisation target, not just to tackle climate change and reduce carbon emissions, but also to give a clear signal to renewable energy companies and hence attract jobs and investment.

"Nowhere is that more important than Scotland and with the Scottish Government leading the way having set its own decarbonisation target in January - something welcomed at the time by Energy Secretary Ed Davey - Westminster should now follow suit.

"With jobs and investment up for grabs from showing a clear signal to industry I call on all Scottish MPs to back the target - especially Liberal Democrats who have previously championed their climate change credentials, and whose President Tim Farron has signalled his support for the move.

"This vote could be very tight, and it would be embarrassing indeed if it was to fall because of the votes of the Lib Dem's Scottish MPs.

"The delay in Westminster's Energy Market Reform has caused uncertainty in the energy industry - passing the amendment to secure an early UK decarbonisation target would go some way to addressing that."

In January First Minister Alex Salmond announced Scotland's decarbonisation target of 50gCO2/kWh by 2030 – in line with independent advice from the UK Committee on Climate Change.

Source: SNP

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