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The Debate on Hydraulic Fracturing for Gas
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TOPIC: The Debate on Hydraulic Fracturing for Gas in the UK

Re: The Debate on Hydraulic Fracturing for Gas in the UK 1 month, 2 weeks ago #16

The risks to health and environment are too great and they pose a knock-on risk to long-term sustainable agriculture and tourism industries.

There is a major risk of both water and air pollution which varies according to the specific local geology and hydrology. Unlike the generally even and uniform shale beds of parts of USA where fracking has been done, the shale beds of Britain and Ireland tend to be uneven, folded and faulted. Often the overlying rock strata is fissured (particularly noted in Ireland) and this exacerbates the risk of escape of gas and chemicals. In some cases there is the added risk of release of radon gas. These risks are also exacerbated by the certainty of some level of seismic disturbance in the form of earth tremors resulting from the underground explosions created during fracking operations. Detailed local geological and hydrological studies and reports need to be made publicly available so that the risks can be assessed by concerned communities.

Fracking is at best a short-term industry. Even in the extensive shale areas of USA, the average fracking well has a life span of only 5 - 7 years and creates only a handful of technical jobs during that time. There is then a considerable cost involved in closing the well and cleaning up the site. There is also an unknown cost in loss of agricultural practices and tourism caused by the very presence of fracking wells along with the perceived and real pollution risks. These facts needs to be economically assessed in contrast to the long-term sustainable economic benefits of existing successful agriculture and tourism industries.

Re: The Debate on Hydraulic Fracturing for Gas in the UK 1 month, 1 week ago #17

There has been too much emphasis on the surface environmental effects of fracking on greenfield sites with lots of pejorative remarks from the Green Lobby such as “despoiling the countryside” “ruining National Parks” etc. Surely given the very widespread occurrence of the Bowland Shale over a vast area of Northern England it should be possible to carry out most of the initial feasibility studies from sites that already have been used for industrial purposes.

Re: The Debate on Hydraulic Fracturing for Gas in the UK 1 week, 5 days ago #18

This shouldn't even be a debate. Ever heard the phrase "don't sh*t on your own doorstep"?

What's the point of having a booming economy if we don't have the planet and resources to support it?

We should be focussing on population sustainability and maintaining resources rather than the economy. Population sustainability means how we can look after the species - and it's becoming increasingly apparent that if we don't protect the planet now, there won't be a species to protect. We're massively over-populated and over-industrialised and it just can't continue like this.

Re: The Debate on Hydraulic Fracturing for Gas in the UK 1 week, 5 days ago #19

There are no pros to hydraulic fracking! The ones that are going to be rich, are the already richer than rich gas & oil companies, their polluting politician friends blinded by the dollar signs, and their other polluting allies! If you think you're going to be rich? You're mistaken! Here in the U.S., where they're already fracking, the land owners are still waiting on their royalties, while the fracked land has polluted air, land & water for these people! The only richness they're feeling is the richness of death, being contaminated by the fracking waste! MORE EYES NEED TO BE OPEN TO THE MANY CONS, already happening. Natural Gas may be clean & good for OUR environment, however fracking for it is the dirtiest/deadliest ways possible! The toxic chemical cocktail shot into the ground to release the natural gas, poisons our land, air, & water; poisons our health!
I demand: NO FRACKING in New York, and you should ban it, too!
Thank you, for hearing my views, which I have researched and truthfully share. I am an author of a series: "Rock With Rodney & Party With Perky to Preserve Wildlife 1-5...", written over the past decade; starting with anti-environmental Bush & his equally anti-environmental Administration. E-Books 1-3 cover the anti-environmental Bush years, however "...Preserve Wildlife 4 & 5" speak of many dangers, includingssss hydro-fracking. Eyes need to be open to the devastating facts. The facts spoken are the non-fiction. Please, protect OUR Planet!
Peace, Patty Fayerweather Harlow This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Re: The Debate on Hydraulic Fracturing for Gas in the UK 3 days, 13 hours ago #20

Fracking destroys lives, the environemt and extends our reliance on fossil fuels. Don't do it!
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